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Friday, 20 May 2022

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TV’s Mr Motivator and his Body and Soul fitness workout takes place for a second year on Friday, 20th May 2022. You can sign up below. Let’s be active, be happy, and most importantly, have fun!

Mr Motivator will be leading a livestream of a special fitness routine for all ages to keep us active and lift us all mentally and physically.

Get a group of friends or classmates together and join hundreds of other schools and community groups around the world on the livestream. Dig out your colourful 80s gym gear and follow Mr Motivator as he leads us through a set of fun, easy workout moves. 
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A fun fitness routine set to a Caribbean-style music mix.

Help raise funds for the work of Oasis

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Click below to hear more about Mr Motivator's fitness routine. Just 20 minutes of exercise will wake up your body and chase away the cobwebs. 

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Donate £1 to help the vital work of Oasis

Covid lockdowns and restrictions have been tough on children and young people and good health and emotional well-being are now a top priority.

That’s why Oasis has a full range of support for young people in its schools, youth clubs and one-to-one mentoring sessions. While participation in Body and Soul is free we would love it if you and members of your group would make a donation – we recommend £1 per participant. You can do this when you sign up or after you have taken part in Mr Motivator’s livestream event.
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Fundraising tip

If you are doing this as a school, why not have a non-uniform day?

If you are at home or in another group, why not do it in fancy dress?!

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